Precautions to Take When You Are Pregnant


Pregnancy is the time which you can use to invest in nurturing yourselves so that you are giving the best possible start to your baby. What you do during this period can influence your child’s life for years and so you must view this is a big responsibility. Better to play safe and avoid these following items

1.    Supplements – Do not take any supplements without checking with your doctor. Avoid all kinds of herbal supplements as their impact has not yet been determined. Prenatal vitamins are all that I would take during this stage.

2.    Tight clothing – This includes your belly belts which should not be worn for more than a few hours at a stretch. Tight clothes are not only uncomfortable, but they also reduce nutrient flow to the baby and restrict blood supply to parts of your body which can exacerbate any aches and pains.

3.    Strong scents or fragrances – If you are not aware let me inform you that your scent may take you to a beautiful place, but it is anything but innocent in its constitution. It is filled with chemicals called phthalates that can play havoc with the development of your baby. Not to mention the fact that it will also irritate your nose.

4.    Hair care products and hair dyes – Might seem like a hard thing to do – but please avoid salons unless they guarantee the use of pregnancy friendly cosmetics that you have personally verified. At home, restock with a fresh set of hair products that are not harmful to you and the baby. Likewise with hair dyes – use only vegetable hair dyes.

5.    Electric Blankets – Another typical product that people in cold places cannot do without but something to be avoided as it can overheat your body. If you can maintain at a lower temperature, that is fine too, but people might find themselves raising the temperature if it gets too cold. So avoid it.

6.    Bath products that are not naturally manufactured – Just too many chemicals that can have all kinds of side effects.

7.    Hair Removal Products – Shaving, waxing or plucking are preferred means to eliminate the hair.  Say no to nasty chemicals in hair removal products.

8.    All kinds of Cosmetics – Use the list of approved ones and avoid all others. They are filled with chemicals with uncertain side effects.

9.    Cleaning Products – This is the time to hand over all cleaning activities involving industrial cleaners to your partner or to outsource it to professionals. Be careful to use eco-friendly cleaning products if possible. May not always happen, but you should try to be careful.

10.    Bug sprays and other insecticides – may contain DEETs which are very harmful.

11.    Acne medication – Do not treat your acne with harsh chemicals as they have been known to cause miscarriages, birth defects, etc.

12.    Pesticides – Certain fruits and vegetables have a higher propensity of gathering chemical pesticides and in those cases only organic vegetables should be purchased and if they are too expensive for you – please make sure that they are washed well in vinegar for a good stretch of time to remove some of the residues.

13.    Other products to avoid – skin whitening, tampons, fertilizers while gardening, any kinds of products with lead, etc.

Just a few precautions can go a long way in easing your anxiety (if you are only obsessive compulsive like I was) or in ensuring a great start for your child (if you are too busy to keep up with all the advice out there).



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