Recommended Diaper Wipes

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A lot of parents I know spend a lot of time thinking about the chemical composition of their diapers but then opt for cheap wipes or go with apparently “natural” wipes without doing the due diligence. Wipes themselves do not cause rashes, but it is possible that some of the ingredients do contribute to the rash. Below are some of my recommendations based on research and recommendations in mommy blogs.

Ingredients to avoid

Disposable wipes are something that is difficult to do without but here is a simple guide on what you should look to avoid in your wipes

  • Fragrance or Perfume – Almost all fragrances contain phthalates which are known endocrine disruptors
  • Many conventional wipes contain parabens which should be avoided
  • Penoxyethenol is another suspected carcinogen that some organic wipes use as preservative




The big brands(no surprises) are not very good as far as the chemical composition of their wipes is concerned. They are obviously worried more about effectiveness and cheapness and load their wipes with all kinds of cheap chemicals to fulfil this promise. Huggies uses numerous parabens chemicals which are known immune system toxicants. Pampers also scored badly in hazard, with only the “Natural Clean” being moderate risk.


Recommended  Wipes


  1. Safest option and Best for Rashes – No doubt cotton and water or tissues and water is the only thing you should use for the first few weeks while cleaning the babies’ bum and when they have an especially difficult rash. But here is something that I would recommend even in such situations – water Wipes. Made with 99.9% purified water and remaining fruit extract they are among the most harmless wipes you could use. What’s more – they even work, look at the reviews on Amazon. Because of lack of chemicals, they might not glide over the skin very well. They do cost around 5 cents per wipe which means $4 for a single pack.


WaterWipes Super Value Box Baby Wipes, 9 packs of 60 Count | 540 baby wipes


  1. Among the recognizable brands, there are only two that I am happy to recommend based on my research and personal experience
    1. Earth’s Best and Seventh generation have pretty much similar ingredients but Seventh Generation is most popular by far, The Amazon reviews are testament to their popularity – they cost around 3 cents per wipe, much cheaper than other safe wipes. Seventh Generation Thick & Strong Free and Clear Baby Wipes, 384 CountThey claim to be free and clear of dyes, parabens and phthalates
  2. Only Cheap One that i could even remotely recommend without betraying my conscience is Amazon elements Wipes and especially the unscented ones.These are only 2 cents per wipe so at least use them with a little less guilt. They claim to be Free of added fragrances, parabens, dyes, alcohol, phthalates, bronopol, and methylisothiazolinone (MIT) and is like a godsend for folks who don’t have the budget to spend lots of money on eco-friendly wipes. 

    Each pack of Amazon Elements Baby Wipes includes a unique code, which you can use to track its specific ingredients and their origins, date and place of manufacture, date of delivery, and ‘best by’ date.

  3. Facial Wipes – A lot of my friends would use teh Babyganics or J&J facial wipes but as I have mentioned at many places in this blog, I am skeptical about the ingredients of products brought out by these companies. I would simply use a washcloth like – The Motherhood Collection 6 ULTRA SOFT Baby Bath Washcloths The Motherhood Collection 6 ULTRA SOFT Baby Bath Washcloths, 100% Natural Bamboo Towels, No-Dyes, Perfect Gift for Sensitive Baby Skin, 6 Pack 10"x10"and water to wipe faces.
  4. Nasal Wipes – The only one anyone can recommend is the Boogie Wipes Natural Saline Kids and Baby Nose Wipes for Cold and Flu.. It is a saline wipe and works great to wipe off the kids nose, even if the mucus has hardened.  Boogie Wipes Natural Saline Kids and Baby Nose Wipes for Cold and Flu, Unscented, 30 Count (Pack of 3)



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