A simple guide to maternity clothing

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So if you are reading this – I am assuming you are one of those who are ready to look for maternity clothes and need some starting advice on what you need to get through the period without breaking the bank. I can guarantee that most people can have enough in their wardrobe to survive this period for less than 500 bucks- even taking into consideration the fact that 9 months usually includes both summer and winter and you need to buy accordingly. But finding the style that works for your requires time and effort – all I can do is to provide a structure for your search process.

Basic things to consider

  • The most important stuff – The most important consideration should be to feel comfortable and your underwear makes a big difference. You can play around with the clothes you wear to make it look stylish but there is no point making do with poor fitting or poor quality underwear or putting off this purchase for as late in the pregnancy as possible. Please see the previous section for a complete rundown on maternity lingerie, along with some recommendations.
  • Basics – There might be slight variations in what people would recommend as the must haves and you might agree or disagree with some of the items in many lists. But it is important to look at these lists and then decide for yourselves what you want to add or subtract. Once you have decided on what you need to have focus on buying higher quality items – even if you buy just a couple of each of these. You can spend more later if you want but do not opt for quantity over quality as it pertains to these basics. 75% of your budget can be allocated to pregnancy basics and underwear, and keep some in case of some needs that you don’t foresee. Look for items that you will use wear for more than 90% of your pregnancy – whether it be indoors or outdoors. Here is what I came up with
  • Maternity leggings – These from Target were recommended by the bump and worked well for me
  • Basic maternity tank tops, camisoles and t-shirts – Here are some good recommendations for camis,and in general I would recommend you opt for low price items like these from the discounters for these basics. I preferred longer ones that would work well with leggings, pants and skirts which had belly panels.
  • Lounge pants like this – mostly in black color which you can wear in public and nobody will notice the difference(or at least pretend not to)
  • Black(preferably)  Slacks like this one for Motherhood which i could pull off with most clothes.
  • Maternity jeans – I did go back to Motherhood for my jeans as well and got some great ones for less than 30 dollars. Here is another great writeupon maternity jeans and the parents.com guide which will provide you a good starting point for checking out a few before finalizing.
  • Maternity Dress – Buy at least one maternity dress to prepare yourselves for social needs. You can wear them over and over again when you are with different groups unless you have a habit of posting on Facebook. The right one can work for both personal and professional occasions.

Of course you will need additional layers as the summer transitions to fall and eventually gives way to the chilly winter. You can adjust by adding cardigans (prefer solid and neutral colors), sweaters, jackets, scarves etc as the need be.

  • Be careful about the fabric  – More than any clothes you have ever bought, you need to be careful about the fabric of the clothes that you buy. You want breathable clothes that do not overheat your body, and stretchy ones that will grow with you. I only preferred natural fabrics for that reason and that includes cotton, modal and bamboo. Anything else was uncomfortable and itchy – even the blended fabrics that combine natural materials with spandex and lycra. But it did work for most of my other friends so I would advise you to try. Avoid completely synthetic clothes and also permanent press clothes ( which contain formaldehyde – a dangerous chemical). Wash the clothes prior to using and throw away anything that gives off color.
  • Don’t have preconceived notions regarding the size – Each of us are different and our body will react in different ways to the pregnancy. Some of us may retain our pre-pregnancy size( never known anybody who did) and other might need sizes that are 1 or 2 sizes higher. So keep trying till you get the right size at every stage of pregnancy or just stay with stretchy clothes that accommodate the growing you.
  • Focus on the fit – Lot of friends I knew wanted to do all the pregnancy shopping during the first trimester so that they did not have to shop later. More often than not – they worried about buying clothes that might outlive its usefulness in the second of third trimester and opted to buy big bulky clothes and wearing them even when their bumps were hardly showing. The fact is that loose baggy maternity clothes are unflattering even if you did peruse plus size clothes prior to your pregnancy. Instead opt for snug clothes that emphasize the features that are not expanding as much – even if these are also snug around the belly and other areas that are expanding.
  • I repeat my tip again in this section as it pertains to evening wear and other clothes that are meant only for special occasions – rent them. This way you can have a variety of clothes to wear during each of those memorable parties or get-togethers that you will probably capture for ever with photographs. Rent maternity Wear and MineforNine are good places to rent your maternity clothes for special occasions. Clothes are well drycleaned and shipping costs are low. You could use these for work clothes as well.



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