Dressers & Changers – The Only Guide You Need

dressers & changers

As they say -when you spend one third of your lives sleeping then you should invest in a good bed. Same is true of baby furniture. Invest in products that can make a big difference in your lives – beyond superficial reasons.

Changing Diapers is going to be a big part of your lives for much of the first year( you will change more than 2400 diapers by your child’s first birthday)  and so it makes a lot of sense to choose a good changing table to make this process easier. True, you could change on the floor – but frankly the 100 bucks saved is not worth the strain on your back and knees that come with changing on the floor. In addition you generally use the changing table shelves to store all the accessories you need for diaper changing – all of which you will have to store somewhere else if you forego the use of the changing table.

Options if you do not want to buy the changing table.

  1. Lay out a waterproof pad or towel and change their babies on the floor or on a bed
  2. You could use your playard- some models even come with a separate changing station.


Safety tips

Look for these features to keep your baby safe:

  • A guardrail: The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends a railing at least 2 inches tall, on all four sides of a changing table. But even with the highest possible guardrail in place, you should always keep one hand on or right near your baby while he’s on an elevated surface.
  • Safety straps: If your changing table doesn’t have a safety strap, consider adding one. It only takes a second for a baby to flip off a table.
  • Sturdiness: This is essential. Look for stable legs. A well-made changing table won’t feel rickety when you wiggle it.

My top Recommendations

  1. Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table, Black CherryDelta Children Eclipse Changing Table, Black CherryThe Delta Children Infant Changing Table with Pad is another cheaper one from Delta – but less sturdy and not recommended.
  2. Athena Leila 2 Drawer Changer, CherryAthena Leila 2 Drawer Changer, CherryThis one is much more expensive at $175 but is strongly recommended. Really solid but takes a long time to assemble.



  1. Since I have recommended the Delta crib as one of my top choices, I would also suggest the matching delta dresser which is indeed one of the top sellers on amazon. There is no reason to choose another one if you have bought either a Delta, DaVinci or Stork Craft cribs. Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser, Espresso

I don’t recommend others like Storkcraft Avalon – which is a close second in terms of sales.    The only reason is because it also has a changing table – albeit one that is open on one    side, a big no no. You might be tempted to use it as a changing table and create a big risk    for the baby. Its also very frustrating to put together.

  1. DaVinci is my favorite brand among the middle rung cribs but i would not recommend any of their dressers. But if you are adamant then the DaVinci Jaydenis not a bad choice.Davinci Jayden 4 Drawer Dresser

Some other brands like Fisher Price and South Shore are also not recommended for the dresser.

In the 500 to 1000 range I really like

  1. Pali Product Detailsand
  2. Sorelle as well as
  3. Dwell StudioDwellStudio Mid-Century Dresser- French White

I would buy these from a specialty store instead of going through amazon.



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