Diaper Cream Guide


When those nasty red rashes hit your baby’s bum, and she screams during diaper changes, it can get painful for the parent as well. The most common causes of rashes are as follows

  • Infrequent diaper changes – biggest culprit
  • Foods
  • Sickness
  • Friction
  • Allergies

But before I recommend the products here are a few tips for parents

  • Let the baby be without diaper for some time, let the skin get some air and not have to come into contact with any kind of moisture.
  • Remove the diaper as soon as the baby pees or poops.
  • Wash the diaper area gently with warm water and a soft wash cloth. Avoid soap unless absolutely needed to clean the mess.
  • Do not use any of the baby wipes that contain alcohol as it makes the rash really painful and also helps the bacteria propagate.
  • Apply diaper creams on the rash unless the skin is seriously broken
  • If the rash continues for more than a few days, bathe the baby in baking soda water for 10 mins, 3 times a day. Pat the skin dry after that.
  • If the rash turns to a fungal infection, then you might want to consult the pediatrician who is likely to recommend some anti-fungal medicine.


During those trying times, diaper creams become a godsend, especially when they magically seem to heal those nasty rashes overnight. Even parents using cloth diapers will need diaper creams when things go bad. Zinc is the main ingredient and it is often combined with other natural ingredients to form the creamy consistency. The higher the zinc content, the higher the effectiveness. But that does not mean you need the strongest one for every rash. Zinc is mild and harmless for the baby even though it fights rashes aggressively. There are so many options here and parents should ideally try and see which one works for their little one.

Here are two that majority of parents in multiple forums seem to like and the only 2-3 which worked for both my little ones.

  1.  Boudreaux’s Butt Paste – Very highly rated in amazon and in Mommy blogs. This one  is something I would recommend for small babies.
  2. Triple Paste – I tried most of the others(well rated ones like Desitin and Aquaphor) even after discovering that this one worked best(to save money) but was always disappointed with the results. It contains white petroleum and zinc oxide which form a barrier and seal out wetness. I used them even when there were no rashes as a preventive when I knew I could not change diapers for a longer period of time.
  3. A&D Ointment – Along with the other two I always kept this one – which I applied liberally when there were no rashes. Worked very well most of the times.







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