Here is a quick roundup of other actions you could take to improve your health

  1. Teeth – I suffered a lot of problems with my gums and teeth during my pregnancy which would have been avoided if I had been extra cautious and had visited my dentist more regularly.
  • Get a check-up done before the pregnancy and then right at the beginning of the second trimester.
  • Make sure you brush and floss twice daily. Use softer toothbrush – here is a list of acceptable ones from ADA –
  • Your diet plays a big role in your well being so focus on a balanced diet with vitamin C and calcium. Avoid sugary sweet stuff which can stick to your teeth can cause more damage
  • Here is list of natural remedies for your teeth and gum problems.
  1. Drink Plenty of water – Essential for the health of your baby and also to prevent health issues like haemorrhoids, constipation, urinary infections and other complications. Around 100 ounces a day if you are in a temperate climate and more if you are in a hotter area or if you are going through pregnancy in summer.
  2. Get plenty of social contact – Pregnancy is often accompanied by mood swings and you find yourselves swinging back and forth. Make sure you are meeting people other than your family members – plan out your schedule so that you have at least one phone or in person conversation with your friends every day.
  3. Get the Sleep You Need – During the first trimester it might seem like you sleep all the time. By the third trimester, getting a good night’s sleep is more difficult. Frequent urination, heartburn, discomfort, and even anxiety can keep you awake. Try sleeping on your left side, using pillows behind you and between your legs. Exercise during the day rather than the evening. Don’t drink too many fluids before bed.
  4. No medications – Unless your doctor tells you to, don’t take any medications while pregnant, even over-the-counter medicines like cold or allergy tablets, anti-inflammatory drugs, or pain relievers. Anything you take eventually makes its way to your baby, so it’s best to be safe. If you took medication before you got pregnant, your doctor can tell you whether you need to keep taking it or adjust your medication.
  5. Time for Two Before Baby Arrives – Some couples take a trip, a “babymoon,” before the birth of their child. Many resorts have travel packages for parents-to-be. Talk to your doctor before you plan a trip far from home, and try to go before your 36th week. You may want to think about how far you can drive or fly comfortably, and what medical care is available at your destination. If you can’t get away, maybe you can spend a night at the best hotel in town or plan a special date.
  6. BOUNCE ON A BALL‘A birthing ball [birthease.co.uk] provides soft, but firm, support that helps your baby engage in a good position. It’s comfy to sit on, relieves pressure on your joints, improves your posture and even helps tone your muscles.’ Sue Lewis, an obstetric physiotherapist who runs antenatal and postnatal classes (co.uk).
  7. JOIN AN EXERCISE CLASS‘My local midwife-led unit ran a great pregnancy exercise class. It was relaxing, kept me fit and there was loads of advice on pregnancy and birth. I’m still good friends with one girl I met there – our babies even had a joint first birthday party!’ Sarah Hart, 25, from St Austell, Cornwall, mum to Joseph, 1½.
  8. GO FOR WALKS IN NATURE –Walks are good anyday, but I would avoid the treadmill and go for walks outside. The fresh air really helps to boost your mood.
  9. GET HELP – Try to minimize stress from household related jobs by transferring a lot of it to the partner or by seeking or hiring help.
  10. MAINTAIN A JOURNAL:It would be exciting to record how you feel and what you experience during pregnancy.
  • These memories recorded in text and video forms go on to become lifetime memories.
  • Spend more time writing down the first experiences; the first kick, the first contraction, the first baby shower, etc.
  • Shoot videos that interest you.
  • You may want to show off all these memoirs to your child years after his or her arrival.

12. HAVE A LAUGH –We all tend to take this experience far too seriously sometimes and this additional stress can only make things worse. I would strongly advise you to get your daily dose of laughter from whatever source available – catch up with friends who are funny, watch comedy shows, sitcoms etc.





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