More Sleep Options – other than baby bassinets and cribs

baby co-sleeper

Bassinets are not the only options available if you need something other than the crib for the first few months. Here we look at some other options including baby co-sleeper with recommendations in each.

  1. Cradles – Most people use the word bassinet and cradle interchangeably but this may be misleading. Cradle is term generally used for crib like structures made of wood, slightly smaller in size that rock back and forth. Cradles are a bit of an outdated concept but if you want to check out some cradles here are the only two I recommend
  • Babybjorn Cradle, White– One of the most beautiful cradles available but definitely pricey at $200. Babybjorn Cradle, WhiteNo bells and whistles or electronic components – instead it is equipped with a lightweight suspension system that rocks itself back and forth in accordance with the baby’s movements. It fits well on the side of the bed and is very lightweight to carry around.
  • Sorelle Dondola Cradle, Espresso– For those who recall old fashioned cradles fondly and want to replicate the experience for their child this is a good option which is reasonable at $150 including the mattress. Sorelle Dondola Cradle, Espresso
  1. By Your Side Sleeper – Co-sleeping is not recommended for small babies as the chances of causing harm to your baby while you are sleeping is very high. However there is an option for parents who want to keep the baby in their bed. abeit in an enclosed area well protected from the parent and from any bulky items that are used in the bed such as pillows sheets etc.
  1. A Sidecar Co-Sleeper – As a parent recovering from C-section you need to consider your convenience above all while choosing a sleeping option for your child. A co-sleeper is especially useful in this regard – it gives you the option of keeping the child by your side when you sleep without any possibility of harming him or her. The mesh makes it breathable all around the side towards the bed is lower in height making it easy for the mother to take the baby. C-sleepers are definitely more expensive than normal bassinets but mothers who have gone through c-sections seem to prefer this to anything else.

My Top Recommendation in this category

  • Arm’s Reach Concepts Co-Sleeper Bassinet Mini Arc, Natural -This bassinet is basically a no-frills co-sleeper with some great basic features. It has a lot of mesh on the sides to help breathability, a thin and firm mattress (like it’s supposed to), and we found it very easy to raise and lower the co-sleeper side. Basically, when you want to feed you can push down the side to access your baby, and pull it back up when you’re finished. Arm's Reach Concepts Co-Sleeper Bassinet Mini Arc, Natural


Which are your favorite baby co-sleeper options. Do let me know in the comments section.



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