Best Baby Food Processors

baby food processors

As the baby takes the first steps towards eating table food you will realize that the food pouches that you buy for $2 a pop keeps getting exhausted at a frenetic rate. In our case we ran through 5-8 of these for each baby and then we decided to stop the madness and invest in a food processor. While there are many in the market, you need to be clear about what you are looking for

1. Ideally, it should be able to steam the food prior to pureeing so that you don’t have to do it separately. In my case the blender was good enough given the quantities I had to produce. But since my kids wanted a variety of products I chose a food processor that could quickly whip up stuff in small quantities.

2. It should be easy to clean since you will be using this many many times. It should easy to take apart and should be dishwasher safe.

3. The lid should be safe and secure since you are likely to be juggling many activities at the same time and don’t want to have to keep your hands on this.

4. When you buy the baby food you are guaranteed on the consistency, and you want to buy a processor that does not leave chunky pieces which could choke the baby.

5. Budget – There are food processors available at all price ranges so you should understand what you are willing to pay.

 Why not a blender ?
Here are some reasons why using a blender is not sustainable and will make you lean more on packaged food.
  1. Blender is not good for working with small batches
  2. Blender is mostly used for working with liquids and softer solids, the food processor on the other hand can work with all kinds of material – even cereals.
  3. Blenders are best suited for specific tasks whereas a baby food processor can do all kinds of tasks – it can puree, slice, dice, chop, shred and perform many more functions.
  4. Food processor usually comes with a steamer and steaming is a necessary process to perform before pureeing.
  5. Food processors give you more control of the process than blenders.
  6. In addition baby food processors usually are more convenient to operate with one hand as they are designed with parents’ convenience in mind.
Here are my recommendations
Top Choice for Steamer plus Puree Maker
1. BEABA Babycook Pro- Dishwasher Safe Baby Food Maker-Cooks & Processes  – BEABA Babycook Pro- Dishwasher Safe Baby Food Maker-Cooks & ProcessesThe Beaba Babycook line is the most popular among the high end processors and around $150 it is the most expensive. There are likely to be issues but the good news is that the 1 year warranty protects you from most problems – and the customer service is great.
1. Cook and process fresh preservatives free baby food in 15 minutes or less.
2. Easy to clean with dishwasher-safe components, Time-saving 4.7 cup capacity that can produce 17+ servings of baby food at once.
3.Spatula, mixing lid/smoothie filter and recipe/menu booklet included
4. BPA, Lead and Phthalate free
5. One Hand Operation
  1. It can get a little hot after several rounds.
  2. Blender is not the strongest I have seen.
  3. Multiple steps can be tiresome.

2. Cuisinart BFM-1000 Baby Food Maker and Bottle Warmer – Conair Cuisinart BFM-1000 Baby Food Maker and Bottle WarmerThis is a less expensive option(at around $100) and includes one more feature that the previous one does not – a bottle warmer, though I must admit – I did not find it that useful.


  1. Motor is very powerful and the steamer very effective.
  2. Overall the unit was quiet and efficient.
  3. Easy to Use and Easy to Clean


  1. Smaller Capacity
  2. Defrost and reheating features missing


If you are not getting a steamer plus blender I suggest using your regular blender or using something like

  1. Baby Food Maker – Immersion Hand Blender and Food Processor – Puree & Blend By Sage Spoonfuls Baby Food Maker - Immersion Hand Blender and Food Processor - Puree & Blend By Sage Spoonfuls


  • Immersion blender and food processor in one
  • Easy to store as it is quite small
  • More powerful than the size would suggest
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe


  • Hand held so need to be careful
  • Need to have separate steamer for this to be useful

The big advantage of a baby food processor is that it incorporates both a steamer and  processor and without this capability , you are essentially paying only for the convenience of being able to make in small batches or having and exclusive blender for your baby.

The Baby Bullet Magic Bullet Care System is well reviewed and inexpensive but has issues with durability and quality that may not be as obvious unless you dig deeper into the reviews. I am recommending this product for these reasons.



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