Bath Accessories – Tubs, Kneelers, Organizers etc


Stocking up on a few accessories can make bath times much more easier for you and the baby. Fortunately there are some really great products that have bubbled up in all of these categories – which make things easier for all of us.

Baby Bath Tub

An important decision is whether to bathe the baby in the sink, countertop or bath tub.

Here are the top products that I would recommend


  1. It was voted ‘Best’ bathtub in *BabyCenter’s Moms’ Picks 2014 and 2015 awards.
  2. The tub’s deep ergonomic design holds baby better for bathing, with a mesh sling and padded headrest to provide extra comfort and support to cradle newborns.
  3. Its a basic tub but should work for all purposes – whether you are using the sink or the tub for giving your baby a bath. However the babies do outgrow the tub very quickly.


  1. However the babies do outgrow the tub very quickly- by around the 4-5 month mark.
  2. Baby needs to be reclined.
  • Euro-Bath by PRIMO – If you are going to use the bath tub and not the sink for giving your baby a bath right from the beginning then this would be my recommendation. Pros
    1. This is one of the biggest tubs out there and so will last a long time.
    2. I used it for my newborn as well and I followed the instructions from one of the  Amazon reviewers and put a towel before placing the baby. I would also recommend the Summer Infant Comfy Bath Sponge for cushioning and safety of your child if you are using a big bath tub like the Primo Euro Bath.  This is cheap enough that you could replace it every few months as it starts getting really moldy.
    3. The important thing is that this allows you to keep your hands free without worrying all the time if your baby will flip over.
    4. Eurobaby allows the baby to sit upright and play in the water – a simple action that will go a long way in making them comfortable to play in water.


1. This is a big space hog and so if you are short of space – not a good buy.

2. Too intimidating for the first time parent with a newborn that seems too small in comparison with the tub.

If space is a problem you would probably want smaller or foldable bathtub. The problem is that these may work for some people or some sinks or some babies but will never be universally acceptable.

Here are some foldable and compact suggestions

  1. Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub – This is goo in concept but there is a lot of problems with the design. Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub BlueI have seen small babies do not have adequate support and may slid downwards if you are not careful.
  2. Puj Flyte – Compact Infant Bath – Fits in a suitcase and works well for small babies. Puj Flyte - Compact Infant Bath (White)It also fits well on most sinks unlike some others like the Puj Tub – the foldable version from Puj. I would recommend only for the first three months.

If you just want to use your tub or sink for the first few months till the baby is ready for a big tub, and all you need is a nice comfortable waterproof cushion for the baby to lie on – then the Leachco Safer bather Infant bath Pad is the right choice for you. Leachco Safer Bather Infant Bath Pad, Blue FishA more expensive but better-looking option is the Blooming Bath Infant Bath available in 5 colors. Blooming Bath Infant Bath - Canary YellowEven if you are using a baby bath tub this pad should be useful as it prevents the baby from having to lay on the hard plastic tub. Of course you could use just the Summer Infant Comfy Bath Sponge as well for this purpose.Summer Infant Comfy Bath Sponge

Baby Bath Kneelers

As you crouch on your knees to give bath to your baby in the tub, this is one accessory that can make a huge difference in the whole experience. Protect your knees with a bath kneeler and make sure that you look forward to bath time as fun time.

Here are the only products to look at

  1. Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Easy Bath Kneeler, Blue – This is pretty useful because of its foldaway design and pockets that are perfect for soaps and shampoos, and the fact that it includes a elbow rest as well. Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Easy Bath Kneeler, BlueJust make sure you clean the section that hangs over the tub well as it can get moldy. Better to dry it and keep it away after each use rather than let it stay in the bathroom as you may be tempted to do.
  2. Alternately you could combine the Skip Hop Moby Bath Kneeler, Blue Skip Hop Moby Bath Kneeler, Blueand the Skip Hop Elbow rest to accomplish the same purpose. The combo may cost you more and does not include the convenient pockets that Aquatopia  has. Same problems with mold exist for the Elbow Rest and quite frankly a towel can serve the same purpose and can be washed after use.

Bath Organizers

Why do you need bath organizers for babies – you might wonder. It will be long before they play with toys but it will happen before you know it. Also, an organizer should store the babysoaps and shampoo and sponges and spouts. Look for one that will dry out and not gather mold too quickly.

Here are my recommendations

  1. KidCo Bath Toy Organizer Storage Basket, White  – Very useful as it holds a lot. KidCo Bath Toy Organizer Storage Basket, WhiteAdjustable length that fits on most tubs and lot of storage allowing it to hold soaps shampoos and lots and lots of toys.
  2. Space might be an issue for some of you and having the basket may make things more difficult. So you could choose one of these well-rated bath organizers that you could hang on the walls of your bathroom.

Bath Tub Spout Covers

As we will discuss later during the safety section – it is important to baby proof every area in the house where you baby has potential to hurt herself – whether it be the kitchen or even the bathroom. Take a close look at the bath spout in your tub – and you will realize that your baby could get seriously hurt if she collides against it. Babies have the propensity to seek out such dangerous objects if you think it is beyond their capabilities to even move out of the bath tub.

Avoid any possibility of a mishap by investing in this useful contraption – the bath tub spout cover.  There are only a few you need to consider – which are BPA and pthalate free as well.

  1. Skip Hop Bath Spout Cover, Moby – Very highly rated, which suggests that it works for most spouts.
    • BPA Free, phthalate free and PVC free
    • Made from soft tough rubber
    • Easy to adjust fin secures and tightens on most spouts
    • Tail hook hangs neatly when not in use
  2. Thermometer Spout cover from 4Moms – This is an ingenious spout cover which comes with a digital display. The integrated, color-coded digital thermometer makes it easy to set the perfect temperature for child’s sensitive skin.

Try them and see if it works for your spout. You can return them otherwise and opt for any of the other choices(which I am not recommending unless the Skip Hop or 4Moms one fails)

  1. Hippo Design
  2. Puj Snug

Tub Treads

As the baby grows older and starts walking around in the tub, you don’t want them slipping on the ceramic and hurting themselves. This is where, in my opinion, tub treads are indispensable.  You could opt for one mat or several pieces you could paste all around the tub or you could choose rectangular strips.

  1. If you are choosing multiple pieces to add color to your bathtub choose of these
  2. Bath Mats – I always preferred these and there were a few products that stood out

3. Rectangular Strips – This is the only one you need to look at – 3M Safety-Walk Tub and Shower Tread 

Bath Rinser

Babies start off terrified of water falling onto their eyes. The Skip Hop Moby Waterfall Bath Rinser is a great way to pour water over the hair while preventing it from falling onto his or her face.

The Lil Rinser Splashguard in Blue and Pink is another way to prevent water from flowing onto the face or eyes.



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