Baby Push Toys(Walkers)

Japanese baby girl pushing a cart (1 year old)

You might remember that I had included walkers in the list of products that I recommend against buying.

I never bought a walker since i felt it was unnecessary to give the child additional access that (thank god) he did not have since he was only crawling. You will only realize this once they do have access since you need to do all kids of baby proofing prior to that.

Here is an article with some extensive details regarding this.

For children who want to be upright, I would suggest an exersaucer or a jumparoo. These look like walkers, but without the wheels. They allow children to bounce, rock, spin, and sit upright — without satisfying the urge to move across the floor. They are safer and developmentally appropriate.

Then why this section on walkers? 

Only because walkers mean different things for different people.

What are walkers really?

Are these walkers?

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Or are these walkers?

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The fact is that walkers(the first one) and push toys ( the second one) get lumped together as they serve kids in the same stage of growth – the period between speed crawling and when they are capable of walking around with support. I will be talking about the second category, push toys – which I believe to be a very useful accessory once the baby is able to stand and walk about with support.

Do you need a push toy?

For a baby that is not capable of walking and is currently doing all her movements through crawling, push toys allow a sense of movement hitherto unknown to her. It allows her to develop the sense of balance similar to the training wheels in a bicycle. Most walkers also have a lot of toys to help in entertaining the child during the breaks in between movements. However the entertainment option is provided by a lot of other toys and should never be a primary purpose of another toy.


I am in favor of using the push toys – and your child might like a sturdy push-car or wagon. These might look like lawnmowers, vacuum cleaners, cars, fire engines, trucks or wagons. Be sure it has a bar he can push, and is sturdy so it won’t tip over. These will help a child strengthen the right muscles and learn to walk — but you still have to supervise directly and to be very careful about stairs.

Here are the only push toys you need to consider

  1. V-Tech Sit to Stand Learning Walker – The best seller in this category. My kids still enjoy this even after they are well past two – these days they race with these, sometimes whizzing past me at breakneck speeds. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker (Frustration Free Packaging)Here is another version of the same.VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker - Blue - Online Exclusive
  2. Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker – I bought this one as well as I wanted to add some variety. Overall I like the V-Tech better and would suggest that if you have only one child.

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