I am Rekha Pillai, creator of the busy parents’ guide website and I am the mother of twin boys Adi and Arjun who turned 3 recently. I have created this site as an adjuct resource for the readers of my book – The Busy Parents’ Guide to Baby and Maternity Products – Save time, save money and enjoy parenthood.

I am an environmental sciences graduate who completed here graduation in Remote Sensing and GIS from the University of Nevada, and worked as a scientist for several years till marriage and change of location to Chicago promoted me to try and make a career shift to business. I completed my MBA from DePaul University Chicago and was all set to make a splash in the corporate world when I became pregnant.

I still remember that day in early fall when my husband and I went to our downtown Chicago hospital for our first ultrasound after discovering that I was pregnant. As we looked expectantly at the images, we got the biggest surprise of our lives – we saw two tiny images where we were expecting one; we were having twins!

It took some time for this reality to sink in and I am still not completely able to articulate all the emotions that went through our minds at that point – there was a sense of unbelievable joy at the unexpected blessing but also a shiver of anxiety as we thought of the work that lay ahead.

What followed for the next six months and the two years since the birth of my twin boys has been a relentless search for the right products and the right gear to make our lives easier. The fact that my sons have different personalities meant that I had to test a large variety of products in every category and gave me insights that I have been sharing with friends who have been going through similar struggles to find the best products for their needs.

Anyone who is having a baby or had a baby can identify with this obsessive tendency to research on everything, reading specifications and reviews in such excruciating detail that it might all seem like a blur after some time. The problem today is not a paucity of information but the fact that there is too much information. I have seen several baby product guides that look like academic tomes – so exhaustive and so detailed that it becomes difficult to get to the point. Some online sources, on the other hand, are so simplistic and so driven by the need for the website to monetize through affiliate marketing – that it is difficult to take them seriously.

When I delivered my twin boys I was in my final year of my MBA and had only a few courses left. I wrapped those up in the final semester and did not pursue a job for the first two years of my kids’ lives. I chose to do this since I was aware that managing twins is no cakewalk. But there was also the fact that we could afford to do this – even though barely. A lot of us may not be able or willing to make this sacrifice and would still need to continue with their jobs. These busy parents may not have the time to research painstakingly nor the energy to dig through voluminous baby guides. What new parents need is a guide simple enough that they can find what they need very quickly and also detailed enough that they get all the information necessary to make the choice that fits their need. A lot of parents like me have gone through the process of researching but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could capture this information is a simple usable format so that other parents could benefit without putting in the enormous time investment. In my case, I became so caught up in figuring the right stuff that I missed so many moments that I could have spent playing with my kids and making memories.

I always wished someone else had done the research for me so that I did not have to spend those hours and could make the quick decisions. But I did not find any such thing in the market and the information was so scattered that it only made my research process more time consuming. I always wanted to capture this information and could only get to it after my kids turned 2. If any parent finds this book useful and is able to save time and spend that time with their kids, then I would feel that my efforts were rewarded. In fact, I almost feel that it is my duty to create this compilation and bring it out to this world. Hope you enjoy it.

Please do not hesitate to leave me a comment or share your feedback at rekha@busyparents.guide.