Diaper Changing Accessories


I am not recommending a lot of things but there are certain accessories that can make life much much easier. Not all of you will need them, but for those that do, these can really help.

Here are a few of them

  1. Portable diaper changing mats – Whether you are at home or out travelling you may not always have access to your diaper changing table and having a diaper mat handy can allow you to do the work quickly. Here are my favorites
  1. Wipe Warmer – Never thought I would need this before I started changing my kids diapers during those winter nights. Its not fun when you have babies crying at 3 in the night but I am sure it is not fun for the babies to have cold wipes applied on the butts either. I cannot tell you what a difference a warm diaper makes. This is why I would recommend this over any other accessory.


  1. Diaper organizer – Helps you stay organized and not have diapers lying all around. You will realize that cleaning up may not be priority once the baby comes, but staying organized can make diaper changes more efficient and less agonizing. There is nothing worse than having to look around in different places for diapers, wipes creams etc when your baby just had poop leak from her diapers. This one is an example which goes well with the wipe warmer.


  1. Paper Underpads– These are very useful for diaper changes as they allow you a waterproof cover to put over your diaper pads. A very useful item to use in public places as well, as you can dispose of these after use. 



  1. Changing Pad – The only changing pad that you will ever need, mostly to put on the changing table – Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad

Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad

Here is a soft cover to go with it


You can put the Dynarex Undepads shown above on top to prevent poop from touching the pad or cover.

Or you can use liners like these – Munchkin Waterproof Changing pad LinersMunchkin 3 Count Waterproof Changing Pad Liners

  1. Diaper pail – You need only if you cannot dispose immediately or stash into the garbage can in the garage. I don’t feel this is a necessity in most cases.

The Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper pail is one of the most popular ones. 

and you could use diaper bag refills like this.

Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Bag Refills, 72 Count


  1. Diaper cream applicator – Very convenient if you do not want to get your hands dirtyBaby Bum Brush Diaper Cream Applicator Tool (Green)





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